Portrait of Sandra Filippucci by Audrey Derell

Portrait by Audrey Derell, Santa Fe

BIO. Sandra Filippucci

Brooklyn-born, contemporary figurative artist Sandra Filippucci is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Attended the Maryland Institute of Art on scholarship, learning the classic skills of painting, drawing and printmaking. Filippucci was part of a group of New York artists working with technology since the mid-eighties, and was the first artist to have a solo digital & video exhibition at The Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan. For decades, her primary subject has been Joan of Arc. The artist does not take or use photographs but rather, creates her “Virtual Muse,“ as a wireframed 3D computer model. Each piece is then developed with oils, graphite, gesso, latex, sanders and sometimes, encaustic.
The artist has lectured and had numerous exhibitions and solos at the Museum of American Illustration, Colgate University, Syracuse University, The Morrison Gallery, The Maryland Institute, Commodore Computers, HUGO BOSS, and in Santa Fe; Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Turner Carroll, Owings Dewey Gallery, and the Encaustics Institute. In 2004, Filippucci created work and direction for the highly successful, ARTdogs of Kent Fundraiser. She has also contributed work to the Santa Fe Artists Medical Fund, Habitat for Humanity, the Center of Contemporary Arts 2017 Fundraiser, and a 2018 Artists with Autism Auction based in London. Her work is in private, public, and corporate collections.
Currently, she is working on an Armor Dress Series – studies for bronze and 3D sculptures.

Memmo Di Filippucci (active 1303-1345) fresco painter.

Memmo Di Filippucci (active 1303-1345) fresco painter. “Scenes from a Marriage.”

STATEMENT. The Past is Here

Sandra Filippucci’s ancestor is Memmo di Filippucci, a 14th-century painter from Siena, Italy.  His fresco of marital life still exists in the Town Hall at San Gimignano, a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany. This town is legendary for its examples of medieval architecture and castle towers. One hundred years later in the 15th century, Joan of Arc was born. Five hundred and seventy-six years later, Joan of Arc became Sandra Filippucci’s Muse.
In an article in the Santa Fe Journal, Filippucci explained why Joan remains her primary subject, “She had no formal education, but she dictated remarkable letters about wanting peace and signed with an “X,” until she learned to write “Jehanne.” She was ignorant of the world, and yet she changed it. Her short life (she was burned at the stake at 19) was filled with wisdom.” The artist has stated that her Joan of Arc work keeps evolving stylistically because Joan is an inexhaustable subject. 
In 2018, Joan has transcended flesh and become the metal she wore. In 2018, Joan of Arc is a warrior with power in her limbs. Because technology – always a tool used by the artist – has also evolved, Filippucci is currently developing 3D printed sculptures of her Armor Dress Series.

Contemporary American artist now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part of a group of New York artists working with technology since the mid-eighties and was the first artist to have a digitally based solo exhibition at The Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan. Filippucci’s primary subject is Joan of Arc.


“Captivated by the mystique of Joan of Arc,  Sandra Filippucci passionately creates iconic imagery that is relevant to the issues of our time.” –Linda Durham, Curator for Voices of Light Exhibition

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