S C U L P T U R E . 2 0 0 7

NOTE: This Joan of Arc 2007 solo was at The Morrison Gallery. Not all work is shown.
Vox Humana Joan, the human voice of Joan of Arc. Tough, sweet, thorny. Hope is the box she rests upon. Trying to tame the Dogs of War with boxes of Hope. Peace always came first. She had to wear metal to attain it and learn what red meant. Her military career lasted for exactly one year. I shall last a year and a little more.”


Contemporary American artist now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part of a group of New York artists working with technology since the mid-eighties and was the first artist to have a digitally based solo exhibition at The Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan. Filippucci’s primary subject is Joan of Arc.


“Captivated by the mystique of Joan of Arc,  Sandra Filippucci passionately creates iconic imagery that is relevant to the issues of our time.” –Linda Durham, Curator for Voices of Light Exhibition

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