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APRIL 29 through MAY 21st, 2016

Sandra Filippucci at EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe

Captivated and driven by the mystique of the internal voices of Joan of Arc, Santa Fe artist Sandra Filippucci passionately creates iconic imagery with fervor comparable to the legendary heroine herself.

JOAN OF ARC: Voices of Light
Exhibition by artist Sandra Filippucci will open at EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe on April 29th and remain on view through May 21st, 2016. The show is curated by Linda Durham. There will be an opening reception Friday April 29th, 5-7pm and the artist will be in attendance.

Sandra Filippucci‘s work draws from her many years of exploration into the complex and mysterious life of warrior saint, Joan of Arc. Twenty-seven years ago, the artist “met” Joan of Arc in a tiny chapel in Normandy, France. Since then, the artist has created a 3D “Perpetual Muse” combined with traditional techniques, and continues to develop her unique interpretation of Joan of Arc—who is as relevant now as she was almost six hundred years ago. Joan of Arc – prepared to fight – actually stood for Peace during terrible times. Not much has changed.

Filippucci’s current body of work, “Voices of Light,” is named after Richard Einhorn’s masterpiece Oratorio written for the 1928 restored film, The Passion of Joan of Arc. Relentlessly questioned (in the film and in the historic record) about who Joan’s “voices” were, what they looked like etc, etc, Joan responded to her inquisitors that it was not possible to describe the voices but that they were both her light and her joy.

“I admire Filippucci’s work on several levels: the subject matter (Joan of Arc); the beauty of the work (amazing faces, forms, flowers); the complex media (3-D rendering and so much more) and the obvious talent and deep commitment– to the subject and to the process–that is so clearly illustrated by the Artist.

Who was Joan of Arc? What did she look like? Even with an impossible time machine, one would need a broad, insightful humanity–and an intuitive historical imagination–to unwrap the mystery and mysticism of this iconic heroine. Sandra Filippucci’s powerfully realized works reveal an inspired, masterful, personal interpretation of a subject she knows well and has engaged for decades.” –excerpts from the curator, Linda Durham

About the artist, Sandra Filippucci
Contemporary figurative American artist, Sandra Filippucci is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was part of a group of New York artists working with technology since the mid-eighties and was the first artist to have a digital solo exhibition at The Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan. Filippucci has lectured and had exhibitions and solos at the Museum of American Illustration, Colgate University, Syracuse University, The Morrison Gallery, The Maryland Institute, and in Santa Fe: Linda Durham, Turner Carroll, Owings Dewey Gallery, and recently contributed work to the Santa Fe Artists Medical Fund and the Center of Contemporary Arts Fundraiser. Her work is in many private, public, and corporate collections.

About the curator, Linda Durham
Linda Durham is the founder and President of Linda Durham Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For over thirty years, Durham operated a gallery that concentrated on representing the painting, sculpture and video work of New Mexico-based artists. The gallery participated in numerous International Art Exhibitions and fairs including events in Edinburgh, Cologne, Madrid and Toronto as well as scores of art expositions in this country (Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Santa Fe, and Miami).


Sandra Filippucci

Contemporary American artist now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part of a group of New York artists working with technology since the mid-eighties and was the first artist to have a digitally based solo exhibition at The Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan.

From the 1980s on, Filippucci has regarded computers as ingenious tools that "allowed you to play with infinity.” For years, Filippucci’s complex and mysterious subject has been the warrior saint, Joan of Arc.